Amerimulch Customer Case Study: Woodscape of Utah

Posted by ChromaScape on Apr 6, 2020 10:19:39 AM
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Turning a problem into an opportunity for growth

woodscape-hero-1-2Woodscape of Utah started as a recycled pallet company and business was good. But they had a problem. The cost of bringing waste to the landfill wasn’t sustainable. They had to find a cost-saving alternative, and after attending several trade shows, they decided to give colored mulch a try. They purchased Amerimulch colorant and ColorTrom coloring equipment from ChromaScape, and it wasn’t long before the orders started rolling in.

“The first 10 or 12 years we couldn’t make enough colored mulch,” said Vice President, Dave Streadbeck. “We would run out of everything we ground each year.”

Targeting mostly landscapers and wholesale nurseries, Streadbeck said mulch now represents around a third of their overall business. They work diligently to remove nails and other debris from their wood fiber to ensure they are always producing a clean, high-quality product. Streadbeck said that attention to detail has paid off with satisfied customers and growing sales orders.

“It’s had a big impact on our business because it opened up a whole other avenue for us,” Streadbeck said. “We’ve grown it every year and it’s really been a great thing.”

Outstanding colorant and equipment

Over the 15-plus years that Woodscape has been coloring mulch, they have sampled other mulch colorants and dyes. But Streadbeck said in terms of the vibrancy of the color, and the durability and even coating of the colored product, there was really no comparison to Amerimulch colorant.

“We’ve been hit up by their competitors a few times and we’ve always held with ChromaScape because of their service and their quality,” Streadbeck said. “There’s never been a reason to change.”

Starting relatively small, the business has had to scale production several times to meet demand. Their first coloring machine could produce roughly 30 yards of mulch per hour. 


They upgraded to a midsized system that could do around 125 yards per hour, but have since outgrown that as well and upgraded for even larger output. Each time, Streadbeck leveraged his connection with ChromaScape to find a buyer for their used equipment. But there was never any doubt about where their next piece of equipment would come from.

“We’ve upgraded a couple of times, but always with Amerimulch equipment,” Streadbeck said. “Their technicians have been great in showing us how to operate the system and we’ve never had any major issues.”

A partnership that pays dividends

While Streadbeck said he’s been pleased with the training provided by ChromaScape technicians, he’s even more impressed with the service he’s received from his sales representatives. Streadbeck said everyone he's worked with has been reliable, respectful, quick to respond to questions and has been a valuable resource in helping to grow their business.

“ChromaScape’s service has been fantastic,” Streadbeck said. “Working with them has been great because they're concerned about our business and what we’re doing. It really feels like they work alongside us.”

Streadbeck said the knowledge and experience of everyone at ChromaScape have been a major reason why they’ve stuck by the company all these years. But he said the level of support goes even further, creating a partnership that provides benefits beyond the bottom line.

“They want us to succeed and we want them to succeed,” Streadbeck said. “When you have that partnership and you work together, it’s a lot more enjoyable to be in business. You can concentrate on other things and know that your partner has your back.”DOWNLOAD CASE STUDYTo see how ChromaScape could help grow your business, contact us or request a sample of our premium mulch colorant.

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