ChromaScape Customer Case Study: Republic Paperboard

Posted by ChromaScape on Dec 1, 2022 2:37:12 PM

Quality dyes help paper manufacturer improve products, operations

In 1999, Republic Paperboard opened a new papermill and started producing stronger, lighter gypsum paper for wallboard products. They worked with various colorant suppliers over the years, but were disappointed by the dye quality and technical support they received. Republic needed a partner who could produce high-quality standard and specialty colors while helping
them shorten the scale up to production. In 2013, they turned to ChromaScape for assistance and have been a valued and loyal customer ever since.

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Why now is the time to start producing colored mulch

Posted by ChromaScape on Aug 5, 2021 9:23:10 AM

If you’re not currently producing colored mulch, now may be the time to start. Market forces, consumer preferences and advances in mulch coloring equipment have all combined to create new opportunities for commercial and residential colored mulch. Here’s a look at why pallet companies, sawmills and mulch producers should consider adding colored mulch to their product lines.

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Topics: mulch coloring equipment, raw material, fiber, manufacturing process, optimize your business, colorant supplier, upgrade mulch coloring equipment

Product Quality Starts With Control

Posted by ChromaScape on Oct 27, 2020 5:20:22 PM

At ChromaScape, we have controls in place at every stage of our process — from purchasing raw pigment to manufacturing to shipping — this ensures our customers always receive a quality product they can trust. Here’s how we do it.

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Topics: manufacturing process, colorant supplier, raw materials, packaging, quality control, quality testing, shipping

Are you getting what you pay for? Questions to ask your colorant supplier

Posted by ChromaScape on Oct 22, 2020 9:19:46 AM

You depend on your colorant supplier to deliver a quality product on time and to specifications. But too often manufacturers find themselves lured in by low prices and lofty promises, only to find the quality of their colorant is poor and the service is even worse. So, it’s up to you to make sure you are really getting what you pay for. Here are some questions to ask your colorant supplier and what to look for in their answers to ensure you are getting the best product and service for your money.

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Topics: raw material control, manufacturing process, optimize your business, colorant supplier, freight logistics, accurate forecasting


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