How to Recycle Your Totes

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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) commonly know as "totes" are too large to throw away and because they contain chemicals must adhere to environmental regulations. So, how do you get rid of them? Companies like Schuetz offer tote recycling programs that handle all of it for you. But there is one provision, they must be in acceptable condition or it could cost you! Here are the steps to take to properly handle and recycle empty totes.  

Plan Ahead

The time to think about returning your totes is when you are coming close to emptying them. While the majority of the contents will drain out on their own, you still need to take some steps to make sure your tote is fully empty and ready for disposal. The process is fairly straightforward, but it’s important you take the proper steps or you could face costly fees from your tote removal service.

Here’s a quick guide for emptying your tote: 

  1. When the tote is nearly empty, raise that tote at an extreme downward angle to force all the material to the spout end. Change to a new full tote before current tote runs empty.
  2. Once tote is rinsed, drain any remaining colored rinse water into a pail or into the next tote.
  3. Use a hose to rinse out any remaining colorant from the tote, immediately after the tote has run empty.
  4. Recap the tote, bottom and top, and store it until a minimum of eight are ready to return.

PRO Tip: Stack totes so you can save space in your facility until empty used totes are ready for pickup.

Preparing Totes for Return

Follow the guidelines below in order to comply with regulatory requirements and tote collection companies:

  1. Each IBC must be completely empty, e.g., no residual heel, drip-dry (less than 1-gal.), granule-free, free of any solidified residue (both inside and outside of the container) and less than 18-months-old.
  2. Label plates and product labels must be in place with the appropriate hazardous DOT markings. Labels must be affixed to the container and placards must be available for transportation.
  3. Valves and/or other closures must be in place and operable. The DOT requires that all closures be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements prior to offering for transportation.
  4. Each IBC must be intact, e.g., no damage to the inner bottle, steel cage or other integral parts of the container. Also, no severe oxidation may be present on the steel cage.
  5. The number of the container indicated on the return ticket must match the number of the container ready for pick up.
  6. An SDS of the last contained product may be required for first time pick up.
  7. You must have a minimum of eight empty totes for free pickup.
  8. Be sure to complete the ticket service form – Schuetz has an easy-to-complete form available on their website.

Phone Number on ToteHow the Schuetz North American Ticket Program Works

Each Schuetz IBC carries a North American Ticket® for your ease in returning the IBC. When the container is empty, review and complete the ticket to participate in the industry’s premier Return Logistics Program. Empty containers will be picked up free of charge within seven working days after notifying Schuetz. The minimum pick up quantity is eight units (10 in Canada). The units must be in drip-dry condition. The Schuetz bill of lading must be signed at the time of pick up.

Contact Schuetz in three easy ways:

  • Call (888) SCHUETZ or (888) 724-8389.
  • Complete an online ticket
  • Fax ticket to (908) 595-9618 or (908) 595-9625.

The North American Ticket Program will receive all Schuetz, Mauser and Grief totes at no charge for eight or more at one time.

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