ChromaScape Case Study: LBX-106

Posted by ChromaScape on Jan 18, 2023 11:26:22 AM
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A Better Way to Cook Starch, Increase Throughput and Control Costs

Customer was experiencing poor manufacturing efficiency with an unsafe borax and caustic feed
system, along with cleanliness issues in the starch kitchen. There was also an unacceptable amount of waste generated in the process leading to reduced profitability.

Recommended Solution

LBX-106™ is a patented cooking agent that serves as a replacement for borax and caustic when cooking starch. This liquid product is designed to be pumped directly into your mix. This addition increases batch stability, starch penetration and on-corrugator curing.


Results Achieved

Customer saw a 2% reduction in waste, 25% longer blade life, a 30% reduction in cleanup time, 10% increased productivity and stable viscosity in long-term storage. Combined, all of these improved business profitability in excess of $2M per year!

Customer realized improved safety benefits with theelimination of borax handling and the need for a caustic tank.

Customer utilized our sales team with their average of 20+ years of industry knowledge and corrugator experience to work through their challenges and to develop the solutions.

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