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Posted by ChromaScape on Jun 10, 2024 8:00:00 AM
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DScheman.collageDagmar Schemann serves as ChromaScape's Colorants Application Specialist, operating out of the technical application lab for colorants in the EMEA region, located in Cologne, Germany. Since joining the Cologne lab, Dagmar has specialized in comparing color customer templates and sourcing samples, ensuring the highest quality and performance of colorant products. With expertise in pump and dosing equipment technology, Dagmar supports customer machine trials and implements color management systems, including online color measurement in paper mills. This hands-on approach ensures optimal results and customer satisfaction in colorant applications.

Over the past 23 years, Dagmar has honed her expertise in color matching and color management, working with various dosing units and gaining technical proficiency across the paper industry. Her journey spans the colorant business in textiles, colorants in plastics and retention and wet-end chemistry, providing a solid chemical background crucial for mill operations. At the Cologne lab, Dagmar meets diverse customer requirements, from mass
coloration to surface dyeing for tinting. Her work often involves direct customer interactions on the production side, focusing on charge, whitewater, retention aids and the chemistry of colorant applications with raw materials and fibers. The diversity of customer applications—ranging
from tissue and napkins to testliners, packaging and writing paper—requires tailored dye and pigment solutions to balance cost and technology. Looking ahead, Dagmar aspires to expand our activities beyond the EMEA region, bringing more color to the world.

Dagmar‘s patchwork family, consists of her husband Manfred and their four kids. Freddy (28) and Leonie (32) live in Berlin, Nico (30) is in Cologne and Max (17) is still at home with them in Brühl. They also have a dog named Holly. The family enjoys mountain biking with Holly in the forest, and the area boasts over ten lakes within a 10-20 minute distance, making it a beautiful place to live. Brühl, nestled between Cologne and Bonn, features two castles and is a charming old city. The nearby Rhine River, just 10 km away, offers sandy shores and mussels. Her family loves music and attending concerts, and Dagmar enjoys riding her 23-year-old motorcycle (when it runs). In the
summer, they engage in various water sports, and in winter, they ski in Austria.

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