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Posted by ChromaScape on Nov 6, 2023 8:00:00 AM
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jbateman.collageJason Bateman, our dedicated and results-driven R&D Scientist, has a passion for exploring new
frontiers in technology and innovation. His primary focus is identifying opportunities within adjacent markets, strategically expanding revenue streams and cultivating technical expertise. One of his key strengths lies in establishing and nurturing robust technical relationships, achieved through meaningful engagements with both customers and vendors.

Jason has served in multiple technical capacities, managing projects and collaborating with cross-functional teams. He has led root-cause investigations, enhanced product performance through raw material enhancements and formulation improvements, along with providing project management leadership to ensure seamless delivery and new product commercialization. His
attention to detail and organizational skills are essential in ensuring compliance and operational
efficiency within the research and development field. Jason has led our pioneering efforts which
have provided the mulch industry with the Amerimulch® 150 series of high-density colorants.

Jason has a Bachelor and Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from Idaho State University.
After completing his degrees, he attended the University of Arizona for additional graduate studies in the fields of Chemistry, Material Science and Polymers.

Jason has two children, Tallus and Roxanne, both enrolled in a STEM-focused middle and high school. He grew up in southeast Idaho which fostered his love for hiking in the mountains and gave him a deep appreciation for nature, particularly Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. He is
passionate about exploring the world through travel, savoring fine-dining experiences and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking.

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