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Posted by ChromaScape on Feb 19, 2024 8:00:00 AM
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jsalonen.collageAs the Product Line Manager for ChromaScape Germany GmbH (ChromaScape), Jussi Salonen oversees critical aspects of the company's product lines, including product life cycle management, portfolio management, pricing, sales and sourcing negotiations. His proficiency in portfolio management allows him to meticulously curate and optimize ChromaScape's product offerings
to meet market demands and company objectives. With his comprehensive expertise and strategic leadership, Jussi plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, profitability and market leadership for ChromaScape.

Jussi blends his extensive education and 20+ years of hands-on experience in paper chemistry with a nuanced understanding of product management, paper technology and process engineering. His repertoire includes negotiation skills, team management, technical customer support and project leadership. Jussi's wide-ranging expertise in papermaking and the utilization of diverse chemistries across various processes underscores his proficiency in delivering tailored solutions and driving operational excellence. As a seasoned professional, Jussi Salonen epitomizes
strategic leadership and technical acumen, contributing significantly to ChromaScape's success and industry innovation.

Jussi holds a Master’s of Science and Technology: Papermaking Chemistry and Papermaking from the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Jussi finds great joy with his family, a loving partner and their three cherished children. While residing in the vibrant heart of Helsinki, they find solace and serenity in their countryside cottage—an old house steeped in tranquility and charm. Actively involved in nurturing and supporting his children's passions, Jussi cheers them on through their endeavors, whether it be basketball, soccer or cheerleading. Together they enjoy discovering new destinations and creating lasting memories as a family. Jussi is also a sports enthusiast; he finds pleasure in activities like hiking, gym workouts, ice hockey, skiing, orienteering and swimming. Amidst the bustling demands of life, he seeks relaxation and rejuvenation by reading and working on jigsaw puzzles.

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