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Posted by ChromaScape on Apr 8, 2024 8:00:00 AM
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nszabo.collageNick Szabo is a dedicated Inside Sales Representative at ChromaScape. He excels in cultivating strong customer relationships and addressing their diverse business requirements. With a keen focus on maintaining a robust book of business, Nick identifies sales opportunities through lead sourcing, outbound cold calling and email outreach. From managing incoming inquiries for new business to overseeing house accounts of all sizes, Nick's proficiency ensures seamless operations. He extends his support to outside representatives by assisting them with inquiries and diligently addresses customer product questions. Nick plays a pivotal role in facilitating
customer needs through the technical service request (TSR) process, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the journey.

Nick began his career at ChromaScape on the production floor, handling the manufacturing process for decorative concrete products. With a background as an R&D Chemist and a Quality Assurance Technician, Nick cultivated a multifaceted skill set spanning the realms of research, development, quality assurance, technical support and the intricacies of production operations. Armed with this comprehensive experience, Nick emerges as a formidable force in the sales arena.

Nick graduated from Cuyahoga Community College in Highland Hills, Ohio with an Associate of Science degree.

Nick and his wife, Courtney, along with their adorable, two-year-old, fraternal twins, Anika and Jupiter enjoy spending family time together. Whether it's cozying up at home, exploring the great outdoors or enjoying exhilarating moments out on the lake, family time is the best time. When he's not with his family, Nick finds joy in his personal hobbies, particularly spending time on his boat, fishing and riding his stand-up jet ski. An avid music enthusiast, Nick's passion for live
performances knows no bounds, especially when it comes to following his favorite bands. Additionally, Nick derives immense satisfaction from his hands-on endeavors, taking pride in maintaining, building and restoring his home, vehicles and boats/trailers, showcasing his craftsmanship.

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