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Posted by ChromaScape on Jan 22, 2024 8:00:00 AM
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tmcalpine.collageIn his capacity as Senior Technical Service Associate, Tom McAlpine continues to leverage his skills in troubleshooting and research. His proactive approach includes exploring market opportunities, particularly in the realm of reactive dyes not yet supplied by the industry. Tom’s journey reflects his commitment to innovation and problem-solving in varied and challenging environments.

Tom has a diverse background that includes serving as a US Army Chemical Equipment Repairman at duty stations in the United States and Korea. Throughout his career, he has gained experience in various settings, such as managing the high-volume production of Hallmark greeting cards and colored envelopes. That has provided him with a deep understanding of coloring concepts and the nuances of different color suppliers' products when merging product

In addition to his experience in the production sector, Tom has collaborated with European and South American counterparts in paper sales, marketing and research to explore and develop new markets. His contributions have been instrumental in setting up USA operations for importing,
dissolving and marketing fluorescent whiteners. Notably, he established a dispersion plant in central Wisconsin, successfully securing 50% of the area's market share.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Paper Engineering and Chemistry with a minor in Math from Western Michigan University.

Tom is happily married to his wife Linda and their family is a source of joy including their children Kimberly Hart, Jimmy McAlpine, Robert McAlpine, Melissa McAlpine and Kimberly McAlpine. They are also blessed with grandchildren Domonique and Donte Cartwright (twins), Jada and Jasmine
Hart (twins) and Ariel McAlpine.

Outside of work, Tom finds fulfillment in various hobbies. Woodworking is a passion, and he enjoys creating in his wood shop. Outdoor activities, such as golf and fishing, allow him to
appreciate nature and unwind. Additionally, he enjoys the creative process of making greeting cards with his wife Linda. Life is a balance of professional achievements and cherished moments with family, finding joy in both.

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