How to Optimize Your Coloring Process

Posted by ChromaScape on Aug 4, 2020 4:22:48 PM
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optimize-heroIn order to keep the finished product up to your standards there are a few things you should verify. Take a moment to consider the following steps. Monitoring these points should help simplify the optimization of your coloring process.

How to Optimize Your Coloring Process_Step 1-1Colorant Application Rates
  • Verify your colorant application rates are still in place
  • Check if your production rate has changed (production rate directly affects per-yard application rate)
  • Check your hoses for wear or cracks
How to Optimize Your Coloring Process_Step 2-1Water Use Rates - Water is the driver of coverage
  • Too much water can lead to longer drying or curing time which could lead to "spring wash"
  • Be sure to check if the correct amount of water is being used
How to Optimize Your Coloring Process_Step 3-1Raw Material
  • Confirm your raw material didn't change in size or shade
  • Finished product shade is directly related to raw material shade
  • Higher percentage of fines can affect water use rates and amount of colorant needed

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How to Optimize Your Coloring Process-1

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