How to winterize your mulch coloring equipment

Posted by ChromaScape on Dec 4, 2019 1:10:39 PM

Landscaping may be a seasonal industry, but the mulch business operates on a more fluid calendar. Some mulch producers choose to shut down their coloring operations in the winter months, particularly in northern climates. Others forge ahead, coloring, bagging and shipping product all year long. In either case, when the weather turns cold, you need to take extra steps to protect your equipment or you could end up facing some costly repairs. To save money and keep your operation running smoothly, here are some tips on how to winterize your mulch coloring equipment.

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How to protect your mulch supply from artillery fungus

Posted by ChromaScape on Nov 12, 2019 5:06:30 PM

For mulch producers, two of the greatest threats to profitability are mold and fungus. These creeping organisms can be difficult to eradicate and threaten the viability of your entire mulch supply. The bird’s nest fungus, the “stinkhorn” and the “dog vomit” slime that can spread on mulch surfaces may all be familiar to landscape mulch producers. But there’s one kind of fungus that can be particularly troublesome: the artillery fungus. This pesky intruder causes headaches for producers, mulch applicators and homeowners alike. Here’s what it is, why it’s so harmful and what you can do to stop it.

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How to store and maintain mulch colorant

Posted by ChromaScape on Nov 7, 2019 11:35:19 AM

The seasonality of the landscaping industry makes it difficult for colored mulch manufacturers to predict exactly how much product they’ll need and when. That’s why many suppliers often end up storing a significant amount of mulch colorant, sometimes for months on end. While storing any product seems like a passive process, you actually need to be proactive to ensure you’re maintaining the colorant properly or it could become unusable, wasting your investment. Here are some helpful tips on storing and maintaining your mulch colorant so you can produce the best product at the lowest cost for your business.

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Total tote care: How to get the most value from your mulch colorant

Posted by ChromaScape on Oct 21, 2019 10:49:36 AM

If you’re a producer who uses mulch colorant to create colored wood fiber, aggregate or rubber, you’re probably all too familiar with the large totes that we use to ship Amerimulch commercial colorants and additives. And as a business owner, you’re also concerned with keeping costs down as much as possible and getting the most value from your raw materials. This is where it pays to be mindful about how you handle totes, also known as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). By optimizing the way you mix, empty and recycle your totes, you can save money and get the most value out of mulch colorants.

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