Using mulch for low-maintenance landscaping

Posted by ChromaScape on Apr 20, 2020 9:37:28 AM
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Everyone wants their landscaping to look amazing. But few people are willing to put in the work. From commercial properties looking to cut costs, to homeowners looking to spend more time in front of the TV, people everywhere want low-maintenance landscaping options. This creates a tremendous opportunity for mulch producers who are able to communicate to customers all the time and cost savings that come with using a quality mulch product. Here are just some of the ways you can do less with more mulch.

Less mowing

One of the best ways to reduce your landscaping burden is simply to have less lawn. Replacing green grass with a premium mulch product that doesn’t need to be mowed every few weeks can save you an enormous amount of time and energy over an entire season. Even if your landscaping design calls for large expanses of sod or natural grass, using mulch around trees and shrubs makes it easier to mow in those areas, saving you time and money.

Less watering

Water costs can add up quickly, particularly for commercial projects that have lots of plants and grass to maintain. It also takes a lot of time to water all those plants, even if you have a built-in irrigation system to take care of the lawn. But mulch can reduce the time you spend watering because it helps the soil in landscaped beds retain more moisture. That means you don’t have to water as frequently, and it’s a big part of why mulch is becoming an increasingly popular option for golf courses. Reduced water usage not only saves time and money, but it also makes your landscaping more eco-friendly.

Less soil erosion

This is one aspect of landscaping that often doesn’t get enough attention until it's too late. If you have a significant slope, or even just a bare patch of ground, wind and rain can quickly erode the soil and cause serious problems. But covering those areas in mulch, or using mulch in steep landscaped beds, can help prevent soil erosion by providing effective ground cover. So, if you don’t want to spend the money and effort trucking in soil and building up your landscape every year, mulch can be a great option.

Less planting

Using mulch helps keep soil temperatures more moderate. This is part of why it can help you conserve water. But it also provides a benefit to many plants. When the soil gets too hot, some plants can’t take the heat and will wither and die. That means you have to spend more time and money replacing them. But with mulch, the soil temperature stays more consistent, keeping your plants thriving longer so you can enjoy them more and maintain them less.

Less weeding

Nobody likes to get down on their hands and knees and pull weeds, and commercial weed killer can be hard on other plants, the environment and your budget. Thankfully, mulch provides a low-cost, low-maintenance answer to common weed problems. By adding mulch to landscaped beds, you can block the sunlight that weed seeds need to germinate. Typically, a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch is enough to prevent most weed growth.

Less mulching

Yes, saying that using mulch will allow you to mulch less is a bit of paradox. But this is about what kind of mulch you use and how often you have to install it. With premium hardwood mulch, you can do less mulching because the product is more durable and won’t decompose as quickly. Colored mulch made with a high-quality mulch colorant will hold its color longer, meaning you have to put down mulch less often and you can enjoy better, more vibrant colors in your landscaping design. Even if you do have to perform some minimal maintenance, raking the mulch or perhaps adding a thin layer of new colored mulch on top to enhance the color will be a lot less work than replacing the entire mulch bed. If your mulch develops mold or fungus issues, it may need to be replaced. But a premium mulch colorant that contains fungicides can reduce the likelihood of mold and fungus so you can avoid added maintenance work.

Using mulch in your landscaping design may not be 100% maintenance-free. But it can drastically reduce the time and money you need to spend to keep your landscaping looking its best.

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your mulch production business, contact ChromaScape today.

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